Floral Feline Elegance Travel Mug

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A sophisticated and stylish cheetah dons a vibrant collection of flowers and a pink bow tie, juxtaposed against a bold yellow background. Its pink-hued sunglasses add an air of mystery and modern flair.
Floral Feline Elegance Travel Mug - Optimalprint
Floral Feline Elegance Travel... 521,00 kr 261,00 kr
Product Details
  • 15 oz (443 ml) high-quality stainless steel travel mugs are available in white.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hundreds of designs to choose from.
  • Templates available for right and left-handed people.
  • Shipped in protective packaging.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • 180 mm (7.08in) tall including lid, 160 mm tall (6.29in) without lid.
  • Bottom diameter of 61 mm (2.4in) and top diameter 84 mm (3.3in).