Why do I have to reactivate my account?

To seamlessly use our new website and access the features that have changed from their previous versions, reactivating your account is important. This step will also enable you to receive promotions and communications, and allow our support team to assist you more effectively with any information related to the previous website.

Can I access my previous account and order history on the new site?

Once your account is reactivated, the ‘My Account’ will move over all your personal details. The order history will now display only the orders placed on this new website. We made this hard decision due to technical constraints and to prevent any risk to your information and that of other customers.

Can I access my previous drafts and account information?

If you were in the process of building a product and saved it in your drafts, please click here to access the previous website and your account. Our former website will remain accessible until June 30, 2024, allowing you to retrieve your photos and information stored within your account. After this date, both will be securely removed.

Will I still benefit from my Optimalprint Plus membership?

Optimalprint Plus can no longer be purchased on the new website. While we make changes to our website, all previous active Optimalprint Plus customers will benefit from Free standard shipping from the moment the account is reactivated. This will be automatically applied at checkout for any valid order. You will also continue to receive updates through email.

For a full list of FAQ’s related to our new website please click here

You can contact us directly on the messenger at the bottom right of the page or click here to talk to one of our team members.