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Christmas trees are a central part of Christmas and so when you choose your design for this year’s Christmas cards, why not choose a Christmas tree design? Christmas trees are iconic and a central part of any holiday landscape. While sometimes referred to as the Yule tree, the Christmas tree we see on so many Christmas cards was actually brought to the US by immigrants from Germany, gaining popularity with their use by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. While this may seem relatively modern to some, Christmas trees on Christmas cards have now become extremely traditional. Many Christmas trees were decorated with strings of popcorn, candy and occasionally fancy store made glass figurines and balls and just as we see now on many Christmas cards, candles were sometimes used in small holders attached to tree branches. This iconic image is part of our templates and designed to be part of the card while still leaving room for your text and photos should you wish to add them. You can move everything around and customize these Christmas tree cards in any way you wish in order to ensure you create the perfect card. We print all our cards on quality stock so you can be assured of quality when you order from Optimalprint US.

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