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Reviews (134)

The quality of print is great and the envelopes that came with the custom postcards were cute and also of good quality!

Janey Lee

Great service. Quick efficient and I was able to use my own design


Lynn O'Reilly

Great amazing

Bonnie DeSousa

Paper is a great quality and the printing looks smooth and professional!

Alexandra Five

Great quality, quick delivery. Definately order again!


Shipped quickly and great quality!

Kim Gurr

I am very happy with our cards.

High quality product and excellent, speedy service.

Alana Godin

Love these and they are top quality. The only thing is the envelopes - they are a bit expensive and if there is the version that you don't have to lick, that would be better. Other than that, I'm very pleased as usual!


Great cards

Bonnie DeSousa

Great product, fast shipping

Helena C

Great product, great value!


This was a first try...will have other cards made

Jeremy McNeil

I really enjoyed the thickness of the cards. By far the best thank you cards we have ever ordered. I hope you keep the prices the same. I plan on ordering all of the custom stationery for our company through this website in the near future and also refer my associates to you.

Vera Gainforth

Although most of them were good, there was definitely some colour issues on a few...

Karen Veldhuizen

I was surprised by the quality. Its worth the price. The thickness of the card and envelope is pleasing.

not as high quality paper or printing as we had hoped for, but it is adequate for our needs.

Perfect job!


Excellent quality. Wish it cost a bit less as I would order way more.


Excellent quality. Wish it cost a bit less.


Great quality result - print detail and paper quality were excellent.


Looked exactly how I designed them. Amazing.

Christina Mayer-Murphy

Five Stars!

Very impressive. Highly recommend.

Excellent. Totally satisfied.

They are not as high quality as cards I've ordered elsewhere for cheaper. A number of cards arrived slightly damaged.

Roseanne Wiebe

Efficient website Quality product Great prices.

Teresa Ouellette

See above for comments.

Teresa Ouellette

Good quality but rumpled edges when shipping. I would be happy to order again if this

Olha Tkachenko

The quality of the cards was excellent, and would absolutely recommend it!

I am so happy to have found your company. The colours are brilliant the card stock is great quality. Will continue to do business with you!

Melody Fowler

Amazing quality!

Jennifer W

The best option I feel...


Competitive prices. Nice quality printing; colors beautiful. Greeting cards printed on a thick card paper. Super fast shipping. Will buy from again!

Product arrived as ordered.

the quality of paper is very good. Very satisfied with the quality of picture. Will continue to order

Excellent quality of photo and paper

Beautiful cards that our customers loved (we designed them to be thank you cards)

Emilie Ruecker

great quality, please put card fold in the dead centre or else you will be unable to fold the card if it has an image


The card is ruined by a large 'Optimal Print' logo on the back

Excellent paper (matte) and print quality.

Excellent paper (matte) and print quality.

Great quality, fantastic printing!


Great quality!


I expressed dissatisfaction with my initial order of greeting cards. They were dull. I was told this was my fault as I had apparently sent inferior images. The offer was made to redo my order if I increased the resolution of my images. Although I did not believe this was the problem (as I had submitted images comparable to those I always submit to Vistaprint with good results) I uploaded images at 600 resolution instead of 300. I received the second order and with the exception of one image (which I had lightened significantly) the images were indistinguishable was the first order. Also in my first order I order one image in the silk finish and one in the glossy so I could see the difference between the 2 finishes. The papers were indistinguishable which was not helpful.

I am confused. As far as I know I only ordered one product - greeting cards.

I only ordered 1 type of product.

High quality!

K. S.


Emily Honderich

I will have to review the cards once I receive the second batch, as the first batch were unacceptable. The card stock is very good, but the images from my uploaded files were very poor. It seemed as though no one actually looked at the files with the final output of the printed cards. I am hoping for a much better result this second time.

Love it! Thanks

Good quality however cost is high.


Love the end product. Clean with perfect finishing

Good quality and fantastic turnaround time.


Great service, timely delivery and beautiful product,,,

Great service and excellent final product. No issues.

Excellent Cards!! The quality is very nice!! Includes envelopes.

The quality of the cards is impressive

Kristen Seal

Great cards!

The cards came in perfect condition and the printing was well done. Shipping came in a timely manner too. It would be great if you did integration with Etsy and Wix. Thank you

Concetta Ellis

I was completely satisfied with the cards, I did think the images would be glossier than they were but all in all they are acceptable quality.

Valerie Pond

I can only afford them when they are on sale .

I can only afford them when they are on sale

Great service

Tonya Krstevski

Low cost cards, especially for small batch orders. Quality of the stationery is very good, the quality of the print is decent.

Not so happy customer.

Awesome products. Prompt delivery

Solid quality, good price, just not aligned well.

Simon Crabtree

It was advertised 70% off and I didn’t receive that amount at check out. I tried to contact the company and I never could get anyone even with live chat. I also was sent 10 of the wrong size envelopes so I have cards without envelopes.

Really good quality! Would definitely order again!

I ordered cards as a way to test print quality, and colour before investing in large format prints on acrylic. The cards were inexpensive, and the free samples allowed me to see different finishes (matt, gloss etc.) The differences are subtle and they all look professional. They all turned out so well that I will use them as Season's Greeting cards and some will be framed.


Great quality and price of personalized products! Well done (I can only show the inside of card)


We always use Vistaprint for our print needs, but we paid $300 less for our company cards through Optimalprint and they are just as good as what we would have gotten with Vista. We're hooked!


This is my first time ordering from optimal print, and it will 100% be my last. Luckily, I didn't pay full price as it was Black Friday deals, but the product is horrible! The Christmas cards came all scratched, with bent corners, discoloration and marks all over he back of the card over the message. They look like trash.

rather disappointed with these card prints, the colours are so muted. The paper quality is nice though.

The cards turned out good, just shocked to see after that I paid like 60% more than my almost exact print job last year. I should have been paying closer attention as I paid way too much. I looked around at other sites and will most likely not print on your site anymore if it is this expensive. I understand inflation but that price hike it a bit ridiculous!

Quality product, swift delivery, included several extra samples of the cards I ordered. Extremely satisfied.

I was impressed with the print quality of the images.

Get my Christmas cards done here every year.

Theo Birkner

Good quality, nice staff, everything is really very good! I like to order here again and again! Recommendable.


I love the quality of this product. It’s durable strong paper, and looks great!

Teresa Ouellette

blurry and printed off center - not like the preview showed at all


The premium glossy paper option is a disappointment. Also the packaging is lacking. Top photo card was all scratched up from the rubber bands.

I ordered folding cards and you sent postcard types.Now what doI do?

Great product, fast shipping

I was very happy with ease of use and the speedy turnaround of my order.


Delivered as promised. Good quality stock.


Very happy with how the colors of my photos turned out on my card. Had lots of compliments on them.

Excellent quality

Some of my order of cards didnt have the fold in the right place. I sell these cards with images of my paintings on them. The quality of this order is unacceptable .

This order of cards are not cut correctly. The quality of this order is unacceptable.

Great product, and customer service equipment very helpful and kind. 100% will be back and recommend

Jennifer-jean Mackenzie

Very happy with the processing and shipping time. A bit expensive but worth it.


Beautiful invitations, delivered quickly.

I wish you could better edit the photo you upload on the item ordered. I couldn’t edit the sizing and the image wrapped around the sides too much.

I'm very happy with the product, as is my entire office team.

Satisfied customer

perfect exceptionnel

Good quality for the price

Super qualité et livré rapidement

Excellent likeness to the original. The colour and contrast are almost identical to the original. Really impressed.

Haley Gresham

The print is spot on. All the detail is there. The color is almost identical. Really impressed.

Haley Gresham

I ordered 5 sets of cards. 2 of which were this design. I of these had a white edge were it was suppose to be cut off. the other was cut crooked so can see white uneven strip at side when folded. Out of the 5 cards 4 are not acceptable. The white edge shows on the front and the other 2 a crooked white edge shows on the front. Luckily the 5 has the white extra long edge showing on the back so does not show up as well. The one card was a reorder of that design and it was perfect the first time. I have had 3 orders of cards already and they were all excellent, so am disappointed in this batch that there quality was poor.

look at the top review as it is all listed there. The poor quality of the cards. white edges showing on front. and crooked white edges showing on front. I also found that the printing is not as clear as the first set I ordered I ordered big and little ones and sold all little but the new ones are not as clear. i hope you can fix this problem. thanks Norma

look at the top review as it is all listed there. The poor quality of the cards. white edges showing on front. and crooked white edges showing on front. i hope you can fix this problem. thanks Norma

These cards were a professional Lithograph print not cheap digital printing. Amazing price and top notch quality... as a 30 year veteran on the reproduction industry I speak with Experience.

Dave Peters

I design my own and they came out fabulous!!!

Fast shipping.


My last order of cards came very quickly, folded properly and had excellent images. I use these cards to promote my own artwork and they have to be good quality

Cassandra Dolen

Very happy with quality of cards and envelopes! Can only afford to buy when big sales on however.

Shelleen Stoesz

Very happy with quality of cards and envelopes! Can only afford to buy when big sales on however.

Shelleen Stoesz

Very happy with quality of cards and envelopes! Can only afford to buy when big sales on however.

Shelleen Stoesz

It was good. fine

Bonnie DeSousa

The crease isnt in the middle of the card, so they do not fold properly and are unsuitable to use to promote my work.

Fab color & quality, delivery incredibly fast…

LP Finn Girl

Beautiful prints and very quick delivery! I will definitely go back and print more of my art!

The silk card stock (included) is perfect to show off my artwork. I'm happy that I don't need to spend extra to get a suitable finish.

Louise Nicholson

The silk cardstock (included) is a beautiful finish and I don't need to spend extra on a different finish to be 100% satisfied with the look of my art cards.

Louise Nicholson

Very great quality, bright colours, quick printing and shipping. I'm super happy, willl order more

Coreena L

The product seemed fine it was the fact that 11 of the same cards were sent to my family member when I ordered 1. Surprises me that whomever prepared the order didn't think twice.

Johanna Manley

Nice quality card

Gillian Delaney

The colour quality is not at all great

S Soroff

Excellent quality cards


Card stock was really nice and overall quality was great.


Great options, great colors, nice quality paper. Unfortunately the photos came back fuzzy and blurry but still will work for us.


Great product and service


Great Cards--good quality and fast service !

Fast turnaround, super quality. Easy shopping experience.


I liked the cards I received as a sample, however, I would like to be able to order only one card of each design instead of 10.

Great photo cards good quality. Easy to make.

Lynda, Alberta, Canada

Great value for the price.


Good quality paper. Colour was a little bit yellow but overall happy with the product. Price was reasonable and shipping was fast.

Elvie Powell

Great quality card and the print is great. Very pleased with the card (s)


Amazing quality. Highly recommend.


great quality and amazing price. Will definitely be using Optimal Print again! Extremely impressed

Jacalyn Molnar
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