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Personalized Wall Calendar
Pure Minimalism
Square Double (SQ, 8" x 17")
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Product Details

Give a gift full of memories to yourselves and your loved ones to remember throughout the year! Now with an option to start the calendar with any month you like.

Easy as 1-2-3: choose a size and design, make it personal with your pics, confirm the order, and it will be with you in a few days. Do not forget to choose the right month to start with. PS: start-any-month not available on familyplanner as yet. Coming soon.

Many types to choose from: medium or large? Wall calendar with pages flipped, a family planner, or a poster to have all the year on one page? We have them all.

Designs: We have more than 100 calendar designs to choose from, all made with love by our creative designers.

Premium paper: all our calendars come in premium 250 gsm paper to provide superior quality

Care for the environment: our calendars printed both sides of the paper to help save the environment and to reduce the number of flips of paper.

Short delivery time: we ship the next business day - 100%. You get them you two to three days after that. Want them even sooner? Order express shipping.

Reviews (22)

Good product but the problem is that the software does not indicate when the resolution of a photo becomes too low by zooming in. So some pages are rather disappointing in the end.


The product quality is great, the only thing that stopped me from adding a 5th star was the web software. When adding events, they appeared correct on the calendar but in the software they appeared one day off, it was highly confusing.

Bridget Braun

Attention to detail and customer satisfaction seems to be there #1 goal. Great products and service!

Meagan M

My calendar came super quick and it was exactly what I wanted. The process was easy and quick.

Becky Page

liked the quality, wished I could've had more layouts on number of photos per page, or copying the layout of one smaller calendar to the bigger size.

Pretty good except actual photo quality could be improved

Great product, calendar was easy to make.

Giulia Carchedi

I’d like to see larger calendars with the option for more layouts and pictures per page.

Great quality and colour. I wish the calendar squares filled the whole page, there’s so much empty space around them, they could be much larger!

Bridget Braun

Loved the product. Your platform needs work. The platform deleted saved calendars on multiple occasions when switching between app and desktop as well as other times. You need to let customers know their progress will be deleted if they select a new theme, template or switch between app and desktop platforms. Very frustrating having hours of calendar design erased even after pressing save.

Very good quality


The product is great but I got it half off. I would not pay full price.

I have been trying to get my issue fixed. The calendars I ordered and got Monday they are all misaligned.  The event type over lap the dates. I have been on the chats on your app for 3 days!! With 4 different reps and they are all talking in circles! No help what so ever!!!


My pictures were blurry and not centred and I know I did editing to move then and make them cantered

Ordered the wall calendars and am super happy with the quality. First time ordering and will definitely order again! Fast shipping as well👍

Excellent quality, shipping speed was awesome, will certainly use again. Have recommended to friends already

Printing could be better, price only good with ‘60%’ off

Great calendars and the price can’t be beat!


Love product! Unfortunately both orders have come damaged in the mail. Both orders bend

It was exactly what they said it was, clear pictures using good quality photo card stock.

Definitely one of the best calendars I have ordered. Printing was exceptional, colors were true and vibrant. Heavy quality, thick gloss stock and it was bound beautifully. they even included a hole for hanging the calendar (rare these days). My only wish is that the calendar date squares were a bit larger, but I knew that before I purchased. Very pleased with my custom calendar!

The picture was not focused right, needs to be redone.

Roger McCannel
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