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Birth Announcements

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Birth Announcements

✓ Printed locally, fast delivery
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✓ Rated Excellent by our customers
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Select a paper type to best match your stationery: silk paper offers a smooth surface and beautiful finish, glossy paper makes the colours look more vibrant, and brilliant white matt paper is ideal for cards without photos.

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Thank You Cards with rounded corners

Its all in the details! Our rounded corner cards are all about small details done in a great way. Mark your little one's arrival into the world with a grand announcement made with stylish round-edged cards. The rounded edges lend a modern look to the cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Include in Birth Announcement Cards?

Birth announcement cards introduce your baby to the world, so include a photo of your little one along with their name, date of birth, time and place of delivery, and even their weight. The last detail is optional, but many parents add it to announcements. Anything else you might want to add will be an additional message, and it can centre around how elated you feel about your baby's birth.

Whom To Send Birth Announcement Cards?

Birth announcement cards are typically sent to family, friends, and relatives to share the news of your baby's arrival. These cards can also be sent to your colleagues and neighbours depending on the equation you share with them. If you intend for the cards to serve as invitations for the newborn's arrival celebration, you can send them to anybody you would like to invite to the party.

What Are the Birth Announcement Card Themes You Offer?

We offer a range of options in the birth announcement cards category, such as cards for baby boys, cards for baby girls, cards for twins, photo birth announcement cards, classic cards, and contemporary cards. These cards are available in different sizes, orientations, colours, and trim options. We also offer the flexibility to create your own design, the option for which can be found in the 'Bestsellers' section of the page.

Why choose a Birth Announcement Card from Optimalprint?

A child can change your life in so many ways, and it is worth celebrating when one has entered the world. But before you do, why not incorporate friends and family?

Birth announcements are the perfect way to share your joy and tell everyone about your new addition. This article will explore the types of baby announcement cards and explain how you can make some astonishing ones of your own.

What Goes into a Birth Announcement Card?

Before getting into the types o f birth announcement cards, it is worth setting a standard of what they should always include. Intended to tell recipients of a new child, birth announcements are physical cards that typically include the baby's name, date, and time of birth. Depending on your individual style and preference, you may also include an image of the newborn, perhaps a poem, or even a link to a website with additional information such as images and updates.

Types of Birth Announcement Cards

Birth announcement cards come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and varieties. There are not any rules as to which one you pick - so long as it does your special moment justice. This section will explore some popular birth announcement card styles and what they have to offer.

Photo Birth Announcements

As the name implies,photo birth announcements feature your favourite photos of your newborn (or family) on the card. You can either add a single image, or multiple photos across both sides of the cards. These are perfect for those wanting to visually share their beautiful new addition with the world.

If you are looking for a personalised baby card, this is about as intimate as it gets. Making a photo birth announcement card is easy with Optimalprint's online design tool. Simply upload your favourite photo, choose the size and format of your card, select a template and add any additional text you’d like to include on the back. You can also select from their library of existing designs or create something unique with Optimalprint's customisation options.

Traditional New Baby Announcement Cards

You can always opt to take a more formal approach to your newborn announcement cards by sticking to the message itself - 'we've just had a baby'. Okay, maybe not in those words exactly, more likely something a little more poetic! Traditional cards are typically square or rectangular and feature a simple message about your new baby's arrival. For those wishing to keep things low-key, traditional birth announcement cards are an ideal choice. At Optimalprint you'll find plenty of options that fit this style - from bold typography to simple monochrome designs - and you can always add a personal touch with an added photo or meaningful quote.

Gender-Focused Announcements

Not all parents want to know the gender of their baby upfront - some wait until the day of the gender announcement, intending to be surprised. If you fall into this boat, then it's likely that those around you are just as excited to finally find out whether they'll be meeting a boy or girl. Address the elephant in the room with a gender-focused birth announcement card. Gender-focused cards typically feature neutral colours and images on the front, then reveal the baby's gender when opened. For example, a baby girl announcement might feature a traditional pink colour and pretty princess illustrations, while a baby boy announcement might be blue with charming prince characters. This type of personalised baby announcement also works for those who did find out their baby's gender in advance and want to incorporate it into their card design. Like all Optimalprint's cards, you can easily create gender-focused birth announcements online by selecting a template and adjusting its colours, images, and text to fit your needs.

How to Make Your Baby Announcement Cards Memorable

The birth of a child is a moment you will never want to forget. So why not make its memory as beautiful as possible? Newborn cards don't just serve a functional purpose of sharing good news with friends and family - they also make great keepsakes when done right.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best birth announcement possible:

Make Your Birth Announcement Unique

The best baby announcements are ones that stand out from the crowd. Anyone can walk on down to the party store and pick up a generic pack of baby arrival announcement cards - but why not make something special? If you are making your own baby announcement cards, take the time to explore different options and find a style that speaks to you. The internet is full of great ideas to work with, and Optimalprint offers plenty of customisation options to make something truly special.

Let Your Baby Take Centre Stage in Your Birth Announcement

If you are including a photo of your baby, make sure it stands out. Is your card bold and colourful? Then opt for a black and white image - or vice versa. Consider the text style of your newborn card too: handwritten fonts make for a more intimate feel, while modern typefaces can look great when used sparingly.

Tell a Story with Your Birth Announcement

Instead of just stating the facts about your new child, use the opportunity to tell a story. Share some fun anecdotes about the pregnancy or labor experience - anything to give readers an insight into how your little one came into the world.

Prioritise Quality

Birth announcement cards don’t just keep family informed of a new addition; they are also wonderful keepsakes. So, make sure that yours are of the highest quality. Optimalprint offers professional-grade cards that are sure to impress. Our wide variety of size, trim, layout, finish, and card stock options make it easy to build the perfect birth announcement for your little one.

Start Creating Your Personalised Baby Cards with Optimalprint Today!

Nothing can prepare you for the journey of parenthood ahead - but you can at least make sure your baby's first introduction to the world is memorable. With Optimalprint, creating birth announcement cards has never been easier. All you need to do is pick a birth announcement template, finish it with your own personal touches, and watch as the congratulations come in!