FAQ Shipping

What is your quality guarantee policy?

Yes, of course. We suggest ordering our envelopes to enhance the overall visual appeal of your personalized thank you card. These envelopes are available in various styles. If you are not sure which envelope will complement your card the most, we'll be happy to help. Please note you will be charged for the envelope you choose.

Can I exchange my item?

Yes, you can. At Optimalprint, we let you create your own designs with a photo and personal messages. These designs can also be inspired by existing designs on the internet, so feel free to search for images online and play around with different ideas while also exploring our pre-designed templates. Our in-house designers can also help you with conceptualizing a design in case you need that assistance.

Can you help me with a damaged product?

A thank you card is given with the simple intent of showing your gratitude to another person. It should be as genuine as possible. So, write a heartfelt message that communicates how you feel about the recipient’s words or actions that made you decide to give them a thank you card. Express yourself freely and tell them how grateful you are for them being in your life. If the card is for a colleague, tell them how they have been helpful in shaping your career.

What happens if i did not like the product quality?

A thank you card is a wonderful way to convey gratitude to those who are important in your life. You might want to thank your colleagues too, but not in the same way as someone close to you, such as a friend. A customized thank you card allows you the creative freedom to show the other person how much they mean to you and that you made a special effort just for them. Additionally, thank you cards can be preserved and cherished for months, even years.