FAQ Website

New Website: Can I place orders through the Optimalprint App?

Our Mobile app is still available in the Google Store and in the Apple store, letting customers purchase with the same experience as we previously had.

New Website: Why is the website changing its interface?

Our shop is now currently powered by shopify. We have decided to make this change due to multiple factors, but the biggest one being the customer experience. We are now equipped with some of the world's leading digital solutions allowing us to quickly adapt to your needs, but can ultimately support in creating the best customer experience.

New Website: Will my account and order history be automatically transferred to the new site?

No, we are not transferring the information from our previous website. Although this is unfortunate and is not the experience we wish we provided, we have to take into consideration the safety, movement and retention of your private information. We do not want to risk any information being exposed due to a change, and therefore have taken the decision to move just certain identifiable elements. It is important to note that our Customer Service team still has access to data, so please reach out to us so we can assist you.

New Website: I do not see the same version of Optimalprint between the App and the website?

We are working on changes that will sync all the information between the website and our mobile version. For now we are maintaining the mobile version for all customers to continue to have access to their previous orders, account information, and experience from our old website. We understand that this might cause some slight initial confusion, but we want to ensure that everyone has a chance to place their personalized orders.

While there is no fixed date for the complete change in the application, once the change occurs, all information about our new website version will be synced and completely available to all customers.