10x Golden Flora Gratitude Thank You Cards

$36.00 $18.00 Save 50%

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10x Golden Flora Gratitude... $36.00 $18.00
Golden Flora Gratitude offers an aura of sophistication with its shimmering gold floral wreath encircling a heartfelt message of thanks. Suitable for the most refined occasions, this card conveys elegance and heartfelt appreciation through its delicate design.
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  • Silk: High quality cardstock with a smooth, silky, and slightly reflective surface to ensure a beautiful finish for your photos. Silk paper goes well with all types of designs, both photo cards and text based.
  • Glossy: Silk cardstock with a protective glossy layer. The glossy finish makes colours look more vibrant, with photos appearing sharper. Glossy paper is ideal for photo designs.
  • Matte: Brilliant white, uncoated cardstock, which gives your card more structure and a matt finish. The ink is absorbed into the cardstock, making it easier to write on this paper by hand. Matt paper is ideal for invitations and cards without photos.
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  • Standard: White 110 gsm peel and seal envelopes that are perfect for all occasions.
  • Premium: Off-white envelopes are made from an exclusive 145 gsm felt-mark textured paper with natural fibers for a more luxurious touch.