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Personalized phone cases

✓ Printed locally, fast delivery
✓ Rated Excellent by our customers
✓ High-quality shock-absorbing, scratch-resistant

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Printed in New Zealand & Fast Delivery

Personalized phone cases

✓ Printed locally, fast delivery
✓ Rated Excellent by our customers
✓ High-quality shock-absorbing, scratch-resistant
Create yours now

Create your own personalized phone case in minutes.Protect your phone, carry your best moments with you and let your personality shine.

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Durable phone cases made to protect

Protect your mobile with durable phone cases that are designed for optimal safety, including impact resistance that saves your phone from scratches and unpredictable drops. Discover our tough cases for maximum protection.


High-quality products with color that never fades

Our phone cases use the best color printing technology. The material is flexible enough for quality print, yet durable enough to weather daily use for years to come. All phone cases come complete with a 100% quality guarantee. Now, even if your case is exposed to heat or direct sunlight, the color will stay.

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Let your personality shine, make your phone even more you

Personalizing your phone case couldn’t be easier — simply add your favorite photos and captions or create a custom design to make it truly unique to you. Or you can choose a pre-designed template from the available options!

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A more sustainable product

We produce all our products on demand and as close to you as possible. Opt for our eco bio phone case to make your purchase more sustainable. Printing close to your location means we can cut down on the carbon emissions associated with transporting your order and also a faster delivery.

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Create an original & thoughtful gift

Personalized phone cases are a perfect thoughtful gift. Bring a smile to your loved ones with a custom design featuring fun-filled, unforgettable moments they’ll see every day. We also have thousands of unique designs that show your special someone how much you care. Feel free to add a bespoke message or a meaningful quote from the internet to express your appreciation and feelings.

create yours now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize your own phone cases?

Yes, all our phone cases are customizable.

Can you put a photo on your phone case?

Absolutely! You can use any photo or design on your custom phone cases.

How to make a custom painted phone case?

First, select your phone model, then choose a case type, and finally, add your own images and text to create your custom design. Once complete, add it to the cart and check out.

How do you make art on a phone case?

You can use available designs from the internet. Choose your desired layout from the given options, and you’re done.

Create a Custom Phone Case

You take your phone everywhere and use it for everything – so why not invest in a quality case and keep your phone safe? Optimalprint offers a suite of customization services designed to showcase your personality. Create your own, personalized phone case by adding your own image, logo, or design. We have countless product options to choose from and even more ways to make them special.

Explore our diverse selection and get started today!

Create Your Personalized Phone Case With Optimalprint

Optimalprint makes creating picture-perfect cases easy. Our personalized phone cases can be designed and ordered online within minutes.

Here is how the process works:

1. Browse Available Phone Case Types and Styles

Optimalprint prides itself on offering a broad range of product options to choose from. We want you to have your pick of the latest styles in cases that actually fit your device. Start the design process by doing just that; from transparent gel cases to hard-surface ones, there is a base product for every taste and phone type.

2. Create Your Personalized Phone Case Design

Now comes the fun part – designing your own phone case! We keep the process easy with a simple and straightforward editing tool. Upon selecting your base product, you will have the option to completely customize its exterior surface to your liking with photos, text, stickers, and more.

3. Complete Order

Finishing touches complete? Perfect. Just hit the 'Add to Basket' button in the editor to finalize your design and prepare it for checkout – you can also save it as a draft if you plan on coming back later. From there, it is simply a matter of clicking your cart, filling out delivery and payment information, and confirming the order.

Order a Phone Case Personalized to You

Our customizable phone cases are blank canvases that you can paint however you want. Forget just adding one photo – we will let you add, edit, and position multiple designs at once. Easily upload your own files or choose from preloaded graphics from Shutterstock. Layout templates make it easy to organise content, while a variety of formatting options allow you to create text elements of all kinds. The result? A phone case that is truly one-of-a-kind and personalised to you.

Fast and Simple Design Process

At Optimalprint, we understand that not everyone is a professional printer or graphic designer. And that is okay! People should not have to be experts in order to create stunning products. With an intuitive and easy-to-use design editor, you can create your custom photo phone cases with just a few clicks. Start by uploading photos or designs, and then adapt the look of the product to your taste. When you are done, our team of experts will get to work on transforming your design into a beautiful, high-quality phone case. Our goal is to not only facilitate the creation of a personalised phone case iPhone 13 users can enjoy, but also a personalised phone case iPhone 12, 11, 10, and even 7 owners can as well. Optimalprint offers a broad range of base product types for both iPhones and Android devices that are extremely tough.. Products are available in clear, flexible, slim, tough, and biodegradable options – all of which undergo a rigorous printing and quality assurance process to ensure they look stunning.

Personalised Phone Cases You Can Rely On

The beauty of personalized cases should not come at the expense of performance. That is why Optimalprint makes a point of sourcing only the toughest products for its collection. Our tough phone cases are a great option for those whose devices take regular impacts from drops and bumps. The full wrap-around design protects every angle of the screen and frame while still maintaining a sleek look overall. You will be able to customise the exterior polycarbonate outer shell with whatever design you like. But all of that is not to say the other cases we offer are anything less than above average. Whether you choose to create a rugged and personalised Samsung phone case or something else entirely, you can rest assured that both its material and printed design will stand the test of time.

Environmentally Responsible Personalized Phone Cases

We care about the environment just as much as you do. That is why we offer our eco – biodegradable phone covers, made from a compostable material that helps reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase. Producing our personalised phone cases on-demand and as close to you as possible means quicker delivery times, too. Our global network of print houses allows you to receive your personalised phone case within just a few days.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our personalized mobile phone cases that we back them up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your order, we will replace it for free or refund its cost in full. With Optimalprint, you can turn your favorite memories into a protective, custom phone case with ease. Create yours today!