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Your photo printed on foam!

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The perfect event decor

Foam prints are perfect for creating signs for your big events. Upload your own design to create a welcome sign, a seating chart or more.

Lightweight and durable

Our foam prints are super lightweight and sturdy and can be placed virtually anywhere to showcase your favourite photos.

Choose from black or white edging

Our foam prints are 5mm thick and available with either white or black edges for a premium look that suits your style

Easy to hang!

Hanging your foam print is straightforward and hassle free. We include a hanging system free of charge with every print.

Your photo printed on foam!

Foam Prints – Create Your Own Unique Decoration

Looking for the best foam board photo printing services? Framing your favourite memories is easier than ever with foam print boards from Optimalprint! With several options for customisation, you can easily design foam print pictures or design boards for your home, office, or special events at the lowest prices. We use high-quality materials and printing technology to bring out the best in your images and design.

Besides, we offer fast delivery services, thanks to our local production facilities. And with a Trustpilot score of 9 (out of 10) for customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your foam print boards are in safe hands!

So, dive in to learn all about designing and printing your custom foam boards on our>
Foam Print Your Memories!

With our customised foam print boards, you can now print your favourite pictures with just a few simple clicks. All you have to do is choose a layout from our diverse options and use our free, easy-to-use online editor to upload the desired images - it is that simple!

Moreover, our foam board prints come in 3 orientations- landscape, portrait,and square with over 10 custom sizes to choose from. So, whether you are looking to print photo boards or posters for your rooms, rest assured that we have got your back!

What Makes Foam Boards Perfect For Photo Or Poster Printing?

1. Versatility: Foam board is a highly versatile material that can be used for both photo and text printing. Its smooth surface can replicate details to the tee, so you can print complex images or designs with high-contrast colors without worrying about losing any detail.

2. Commercial Displays: Foam boards make a popular choice for an exhibition stand and pop-up displays. Whether you want to print signs and images for your next office presentation or displays for your business, foam board printing will be the right thing to do.

3. Easy Installation: Foam boards can be installed on any flat surface, like walls and ceilings, using simple accessories like strips, 3M tapes, ropes, and bolts.

Why Choose Our Foam Photo Board Prints?

They Are Fit For Any Occasion

Have a big event coming up? Then our foam print boards can be the perfect option for creating welcome signs, seating charts, and more. Not only that, but our photo board print service can also help you create visually attractive posters with the right personal touch! Our quality foam print boards' smoothness and superior printing technology capture every tiny detail of your chosen image or design for a sharp and vibrant display.

They Are Lightweight And Durable

With our high-quality 5 mm foam print boards, you do not have to worry about the durability of your photo or poster boards. At the same time, our lightweight foam print boards facilitate easy mobility so you can showcase your favourite images practically anywhere!

They Come With Black Or White Edging

You can choose between black or white edging for your foam print boards to suit the overall decor of your wall or room. Besides, we use only premium foam board printers to ensure the color stays strong for a while.

They Are Easy To Hang

Each of our sturdy and lightweight foam print boards comes with a complementary mounting kit so you can easily hang it on any wall. And the best part is you do not need to be a pro to perform these installations!

They Are Easy To Maintain

We take special care to ensure that your foam board is carefully packed so that there is no damage during transportation. Then, all you have to do is remove it from the package and hang it with our mounting system. And maintaining the board is just as simple- clean it with a soft, clean cloth to remove any accumulated dirt or debris from the surface.

Choosing The Best Foam Board Print Layout

For Official Displays

Although colored foam boards may be your first preference, white edges can be more effective in highlighting the text or image. This is especially true if you want to opt for foam board printing for office presentations or formal occasions. On the other hand, you can use black edges to print high-contrast images that may look too loud, especially in smaller spaces or rooms.

For Detailed Text

If your presentation has a lot of text that needs to be highlighted, then foam poster boards can be a better option, as they are not as loud as foam board prints. In addition, you can add markings and highlights with permanent markers on your foam posters.

For Photos

We suggest choosing a matte finish for your photo foam board, as shiny surfaces will reflect light and make it difficult for your eyes to focus on the board. Alternatively, you can opt for a shiny board if there are no direct light sources in the vicinity.

How To Design Your Foam Print Photo Or Poster Board?

With everything said and done, here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to design your foam print photo or poster board using our intuitive online editor:

Choose your preferred orientation (landscape, portrait or square) and select the desired size for your foam print board. Now, click on the 'personalize' button.

Once you enter the online editor, you will find different 3 options (files, layouts, and formats) to customise your foam print board.

Starting with files, this option allows you to upload your desired image or design on the foam print board, and you can crop or resize the image using the sub-options. Likewise, the layouts option lets you choose the layout of the image, and you can even select more than one image for your foam print board.

Lastly, you can use the layouts option to choose the edging color and change the orientation and size of your foam print board (if required). The header section of the online editor will display the price of your foam print board as you make these changes.

Aside from that, you can save the progress made on designing your foam print board on our online editor and return later to complete it.

What Else Do We Offer?

Apart from high-quality foam board printing services, Optimalprint offers:

• Free and fast delivery

• Exclusive discounts and offers for 'Plus' members

• 24x7 customer service

• Thousands of designs to choose from and customise

• Online editor access from your computer or phone

Further, our handcrafted foam print boards come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can get your money back in case of any issues under our control.

For issues that we cannot control (like misspelt words, incorrect text, etc.), our customer service will strive to provide the best possible solution. Just contact our team within 14 days of receiving your order.

You can also avail an extended 30-day quality guarantee for a small annual fee. So, visit our website for the best foam print designs today!

Do you want a whole gallery wall instead of a single foam print? At Optimalprint you can orderwall decorations in different designs: From a canvas with photos to individual posters or a photo calendar, you can personalize your photos.