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Why our customers love Plus

We are going to create a photobook for every adventure this year and like the free postage terms with the plus membership - Steven

Excellent service, quality and speed of delivery, we were getting married and used the β€˜pay one off postage’ for six months which meant everything could be ordered separately rather than having to think ahead too much. - Caroline

It is often more advantageous to pay this (fee) once in the year than to pay delivery for 2 items. - Jessica

If you are going to purchase items on a number of occasions, this is a brilliant option to choose and can save several dollars in delivery charges. - Gina

Discover your member benefits

Your savings add up

πŸ“¦ Number of orders in a year: 4
🚚 Shipping cost per order: $11
πŸ’° Annual shipping savings*: $44+

*Based on the average customer in United States, in the last 12 months

Your events throughout the year

Use Plus membership to get free shipping on personalized cards and gifts for every occasion.

Your designs on the go

Plus membership on the Optimalprint app is the ultimate convenience.

βœ” Design from scratch or pick up where you left off
βœ” Add photos directly from your camera roll, social media or Google Photos
βœ” Never pay for shipping

Your positive eco-impact

As a Plus member, it's even easier to do good for the planet. You benefit from free shipping while your orders minimise carbon emissions, reduce waste and use responsibly sourced materials.

Still have questions?

How long does membership last?
A single membership period lasts one year, beginning on the day that your membership fee is paid. Unless you cancel your membership before your one year period is over, then your membership will automatically renew into another year and you will be charged the membership fee again. We only offer annual membership plans at this time.

Which delivery method do I get for free?
As a Plus member, you'll get the standard delivery method for free or the least expensive method, when standard methods are unavailable. When standard delivery is available, express delivery will not be covered by Plus.

Will I be notified when my membership is due to renew?
Yes, we will send you a renewal reminder via email 30 days before your renewal date, which is also the date that your annual membership fee will be automatically charged. If you wish to remain a member, there is nothing you will need to do at that point. If you wish to stop being a member, you will need to follow the membership cancellation steps before your renewal date.

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