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Music Affair

Featuring artistically photographed instruments from diverse musical genres, this collection summons the passion of the music world.
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Studio Selection Wall Art - Music Affair - by Optimalprint
The Music Affair collection celebrates the beauty and power of music. Featuring artistically photographed instruments from diverse musical genres, these masterpieces summon the passion of the music world. If you love to express yourself through music, add a piece from our Music Affair art collection to your home. The Studio Selection designs were handpicked in collaboration with the world’s foremost visual experts from around the world - made by independent artists and photographers. Browse collections such as Coral or Lush green to create a stunning display of colour for your home, or discover artists with a style of art that you love. The Studio Selection by Optimalprint, shows a variety of unique photos and designs where our artists got inspired by different environments and scenes. What about a beautiful green rice field in Bali, or the high waves and ocean life on the coast of Australia? They are all real life moments captured by the artists for you to admire, just like we do. You can mix and match your style and size to assemble gallery walls worthy of a professional designer. All Studio Selection artwork is printed on high quality canvas or premium paper, so you are assured of museum-quality products. We use sustainably sourced materials and print as close to you as possible, to reduce carbon emissions and ensure fast delivery.